AD Series

Offering the very best in tin and jerry can auto filling machine for low output capacity
AD1 series filling machine offer a wide range of fill weight to accommodate different sizes of container
Designed to handle from low to high viscosity liquid with long lance nozzle
Different tin or jerry can shapes and sizes can be accepted without changing of parts and minimum time for set up
High productivity
Sophisticated electronic function to fill accurately and efficiently dripping problem
The machine is suitable for application in hazardous areas
The stainless steel designed for easy clean up, maintenance and repairs

Electronic weigh filling
On the run adjustment
Finish Stainless Steel construction and part contact with liquid
Scale accuracy - Scale display accuracy +/- 10 grams
Electrical supply - 230 VAC
Air supply - 5 bars at 0.5 cu m/min
Ambient Temperature -5 deg °C to +40 deg °C
Operating Humidity - Less than 85% RH (non-condensing)
Cabinet - All Electronic, pneumatic and weighing station are neatly enclosed

Note: Specifications may be changed for improvement without notice

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